Privacy Policy

Whenever you are visiting our website, you can have confidence that your personal information will be secure. We gather user information whenever you visit our website. Our website may offer you access to third-party information or services that this website relates to. It is the same as other websites in the co-space. Review the policies of similar sites to understand how they secure your information.

Your Data Protection in Our Privacy Policy

Kavita Choudhary’s website puts a lot of emphasis on securing and protecting user data. The trust of our users and clients is more important than any data that we can collect and save. Trust is what we base all of our services on and that is what makes us spectacular.

  • Our website will ensure the highest stature of security and confidentiality is maintained when it comes to user information.
  • When it comes to collecting data, we only collect relevant data for managing our business and giving good Quality Services to our clients.
  • The private data of the users are only available for viewing to the relevant employees who are trained to handle data professionally. Any employee violating the state of conduct shall face penalties and charges.
  • We never disclose your data to third parties unless it is a legal requirement, or we have permission from disclosures or contracts from clients.
  • To guarantee that your user data is under topmost protection, engaging with third parties is under strict screening and ensuring they adhere to our privacy policies.
  • We maintain our customer records regularly and update them from time to time to ensure smooth performance that falls under the goal frames of accuracy and completeness. Unless when we are legally prohibited, we are transparent about data handling with our clients. We also let the customers know about how and where to access their data and inform us of mistakes, which we will promptly amend.

The List Of Data We Collect

  1. General Information

For you to get smooth and prompt services, we collect general information such as name, phone number, location and computer user data. Our website is only for individuals over 18 and minors are prohibited from sharing any information. Minors under the age of 18 are strictly forbidden to provide us with sensitive information.

  1. Website Usage Information

Upon accessing the website, we collect information such as IP address, interactive activities and the duration of your visit.

  1. Cookies

Cookies are collected for a smoother and more relevant user interface for the clients. Our cookie software improves your website interactions and web surfing.

  1. Your Security

Any private information that we collect is stored safely in our security servers with limited and controlled access. Various software will safeguard your private information against leaks and hacking.

  1. Internet Transfers

The global nature of the World Wide Web or Internet means that all information is to be transported to and fro for data handling. When you are using our website, you are automatically agreeing with such data processing of your information.

  1. Policy Alterations

Kavita Choudhary can revise and alter its privacy policy anytime, please read our policies and agreement before engaging with the site since it may be subject to change. Our change in policies still protects user data and will not compromise on that.

Intellectual Property Rights

All content, images, videos and website format used to manage the website are the exclusive property of the company. All rights, titles and interests in the property are owned by us solely. This website has copyrights, emblems, trademarks and similar nature of intellectual property.

Under no circumstances, you are not allowed to cut, copy, paste, reproduce or alter any of our creative property. You have no rights or authority to do so under the terms of this user agreement. Our website is our original content and copyright is illegal and shall attract legal proceedings.

This material on the website is created by a third party and they have all intellectual property rights related to it. Copyright, ownership and legal rights safeguard the website and its content’s proprietary rights.

Any content that is acquired by others shall be used with proper trademark notices and copyright permissions. Until you have permission in writing, it is illegal for you to use the intellectual property of this website under any circumstances.

Anything not specified on this website does not mean it is under your free will to create loopholes for violating our copyright agreements. You do not have such rights and any violations shall be rendered legal violations.